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Sling TV’s new TV marketing campaign “Get Picky” harkens back to the phrase “a la carte TV” all to spur more consumer business with the emphasis on choice.

In one spot, a nervous woman goes into a coffee shop and gets too detailed about her coffee request.  She ends her request with this: “Oh, can you put a heart?

“A broken one,” says the barista, played by Danny Trejo. Then speaking into the camera in his usual gruff, tough-guy character: “If you can get picky with your coffee, why not get picky with your TV?

A voiceover then says: “Introducing a la carte TV… Start building your perfect TV package from $20 bucks a month.”

Another spot has several guys talking about their vacation and getting specific about their needs — a beachfront house, but no sand, a pool with a jacuzzi,and a massive TV — by the jacuzzi.

Then Trejo appears coming out of a shower, toweling down: “And a Octagon for fighting!” He adds to the camera: “If you get picky with your bro weekend, why not get picky with your TV?”

In addition to the TV campaign, Dish says the campaign will include exposure on digital, mobile, social, print and new media platforms.

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