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Year:2013Director:Nicolás EntelProducer:Roberto AlcazarProducer:Juan Fernando AyoraStarring:Alex AguindaStarring:Ivonne BakiStarring:Rafael Correa

I Am Yasuni is a documentary film that explores what is at the heart of Ecuador’s Yasuni-ITT Initiative, which aims to protect Yasuni National Park from oil exploitation. The project began with a 2-minute video shot in New York City’s Madison Square Park to bring the problem to those who have the power to bring change.

The documentary was born from a need to provide a legitimate voice to communicate the campaign to bring worldwide awareness to the Initiative, and secure donations to its fund. For a campaign that has its roots in social media, it gives fans original content to share. Moreover, positioning the documentary within the film industry and festival circuit also provides the opportunity to directly reach high profile viewers.


I Am Yasuni brings social awareness to what can potentially happen to the Yasuni National Park in Ecuador in an effort to stop the oil rig from drilling there. New Yorkers are caught off guard when an oilrig is placed in the heart of NYC, Madison Square Park, and are faced to ask themselves “What would I do to stop the drilling if an oil rig were to start drilling in my park?”