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By Maria G. Valdez

If you live in NYC you know Lin-Manuel Miranda is big. His Broadway hit “In The Heigts” brought the Latino community even closer, teaching us that we can find a little bit of home in this big city and it’s ok to embrace our culture, because at the end of the day, that’s who we are.

“In The Heights” has become a cult to every Latino living in New York and struggling to make it in the Big Apple.

So now you’ll probably be more than excited to know that you’ll get a taste of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s artistic qualities one more time. The actor/writer is starring in “200 Cartas,” a new romantic comedy by Bruno Irizarry that will come out later this year.

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Yes, I know that we also saw Lin-Manuel in “Modern Family” and “The odd life of Timothy Green,” among other special appearances, but something tells me this new movie is bringing back some bits and pieces of Usnavi, the character Lin-Manuel gave life to in his first Broadway production.

In “200 Cartas,” Miranda plays Raúl, a young man of Puerto Rican descent raised in New York, who falls in love with María Sánchez, a young Puerto Rican who’s vacationing in the city. After she leaves, Raúl decides to chase her to her island, where he finds there are 200 other María Sánchez, so he sends each one a letter, with hopes of finding the one who hypnotized him.

The movie also stars Miss Universe 1993, Dayanara Torres, who returned to her native Puerto Rico to shoot a local movie for the second time after “Linda Sara” with Chayanne.

Jaime Camil also plays an important role in this movie, as he helps Lin-Manuel’s character to find the real María Sánchez.

Together with Miranda, Torres and Camil, Mónica Steuer, Luis Raúl and Iris Chacón also make an appearance in this movie, completing the cast of talented Latinos.

Watch the trailer here and let us know what you think!

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